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By Ms. Walla
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Nov 27th, 2015

Tie One OnTie one on…

I love the way that by adding just a scarf you can take an outfit to the next level.  As I have said in previous posts, I love to wear separates and enjoy mixing things up a bit by trying new combinations together.  One of my favorite “go to outfits” is a classic tee shirt with a pair of dark, bootleg cut jeans.  I have many colors and styles of tees so my look changes frequently, but for me one of the best fashion accessories you can own is a scarf.  I actually own about two dozen as I wore them a lot in Northern Nevada when I lived there because they kept my neck warm from the cold temperatures in the fall and winter.  I don’t wear them as often now living in Southern Texas since the temperatures in the summer and early fall are dreadfully hot and there’s no way I’m adding any layers to this already “hot and drenched” body!  Now, however, it is late fall and it’s time to start adding this extra bit of color and taking my outfits from “average” to “super duper”, just by adding a scarf. 

In selecting a scarf, there are certain things to consider.   They come in a variety of colors, sizes, materials and cost.  Oftentimes when I am scarf shopping, I already have an idea what colors I’m looking for to match that certain shirt, blouse or dress I have in my closet.  I often look for  a scarf with a variety of colors so I can use it with many different outfits.  Another thing to consider is the size.  Scarves can be square, oblong and skinny rectangle. 

The scarf featured in my set is a skinny rectangle (KS Stores, $15), and can be tied in a variety of ways.  This scarf is tied in a classic wrap and is extremely easy to make.  You lay the scarf around your neck with about 2/3 of it to one side or the other.  You take the longer side and wrap around your neck; adjust for comfort and look.  If you are folding the scarf in half and putting the loose ends through the loop, called the Euroloop, the skinny rectangle will work nicely as there won’t be too much fullness around your neck and face.  I prefer that the ends of my tied scarves hit me at my mid-section or longer

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.   I have a few scarves where the length is too short and width is too wide and when I tie it around my neck there is just too much fluff around my neck  I need to be really careful when eating or I’ll accidentally spoon my scarf into my mouth!!!

Another thing to consider when selecting a scarf is the weight and/or material from which it’s made.  Since most of the ways I tie/wrap my scarf snugs my neck, I want to make sure the material is soft and won’t cause me to itch.  I remember purchasing a beautiful holiday scarf a few years back but there was gold thread throughout the scarf that was so uncomfortable to wear, I ended up giving the scarf away.  I recently saw a lovely scarf/wrap at Ann Taylor but when I tried it on, the size was too big, the material was too bulky for my liking, and it was way too hot! 

The infinity style is a good choice for gals who haven’t passed “scarf tying 101” yet, as all you have to do is make a “double loop” around your neck with the scarf.   Personally, I think a thicker and fuller size works best as it retains the shape better than a thinner, more limp material.  The results can look classy, very fashionable and only takes a few seconds to change an ordinary outfit into something special. 

Costs for scarves can range from less than $10 for cotton to over $400 for pure silk.  Certainly for my use, a $20 scarf suits me just fine.  I have had good luck purchasing scarves at New York & Co, Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, and Charming Charlie, all with a wide selection and reasonably priced.  My favorite ways to wear a scarf are the Euroloop, the classic wrap, pretzel and the low knot.  I have tried the braid, and like the appearance but because it takes a while to make, I just keep it tied between wearings.  If you need help tying your scarves, visit Land’s End, how to tie a scarf, for the perfect look.  Remember, a scarf can take an ordinary outfit to the next level…give it a try. 

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