Undress Before You Leave The House

By Ms. Walla
In The Write Threads
Feb 1st, 2014

MyPajamasOMG!!!  I can’t believe how many women leave their houses in the morning without even changing out of their jammies!!!! I realize that occasionally a child misses the bus so mom jumps into the car and takes the child to the next bus stop or school.  Even Christie Brinkley has been caught wearing her pajamas to her teenage daughter’s school. I can guarantee you ladies, that many of us that are fully dressed, coiffed and makeup applied, still don’t look as good as she does in her nightwear…sorry, that’s just a fact.  I’m not talking about that; rather the adult female who goes into Target or the mall in her bottom jammies and slippers and I see her three hours later still shopping!!

Now I love to shop and have participated in many Black Friday events, getting up by 4:00 a.m

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. with list and coffee in hand, in order to get that perfect gift at an unbelievable price!   Now I am not a morning person at all!!  I love to sleep in but even when I’m sleep deprived I still know that I need to change; it doesn’t take long to take the sleep wear off and throw on some jeans and a shirt.

Whether it’s 4:00 a.m. or 1:00 p.m., don’t  take a chance hoping not to see someone you know…of course you will!!  You could run into your boss or minister.  Or even worse, your ex-mother-in-law who is the local newspaper reporter.  Just imagine, you wearing jammies and no makeup on the front page of the weekend edition!! Oh my gosh, now you have given her enough to write about for the next year!

Ladies, I know that we all have busy lives but unless you are Christie Brinkley, I strongly suggest that before you leave home first thing in the morning, undress first!!

Until next time,


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