A “Blue” Weekend

By Ms. Walla
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Jun 28th, 2016

Blue Weekend Set

Blue Weekend Set

A “Blue” Weekend

With only a few minutes to gather your clothes for a surprise weekend away with your husband, you have to think fast!! What are some staple clothing items that are essential in everyone’s wardrobe? You grab your white button-up shirt, a white tee and a pair of jeans. Next, you’ve always loved the way your light blue tee and shrug, along with the floral skirt and pants look together. Now throw in the colorful peach and blue colored scarf, some light blue jewelry, blue bag, blue flat sandals and tan wedge sandals, and you’ve got a weekend of outfits, ready for almost any adventure that you may encounter.

These clothing items can be mixed to create several outfit options. While I have featured three different combinations in these sets, several more can also be made. 4) The white tee (janenorman.co.uk, $29) can top off the blue floral pants (houseoffrasier.co.uk, $50), and if it’s chilly, add the blue shrug (johnlewis.com, $26). 5) The white button shirt can be worn with the floral pants, too, add the sandals (talbots.com, $80), and some jewelry and you have a new look. 6) The light blue tee can top the floral skirt (newlook.com, $20) and you can add the white button shirt (button or leave open), to add warmth or give it a more casual look

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. Finish the outfit with the flat blue sandals. 7) The white tee can be worn with the jeans, add the scarf, or not, add some jewelry, and complete with the wedge sandals (gilt.com, $95). 8) Another look can be made by mixing the jeans, blue tee, white button shirt, scarf and wedge sandals.

As you can see, it is possible to throw together 8 clothing pieces, two pairs of sandals, jewelry, and create a minimum of eight outfits for that weekend getaway!!! As you look over your wardrobe, it’s not a bad idea to jot down different clothing items that you can mix and match for that unexpected trip. Have fun creating!

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