It’s all about the tote…

By Ms. Walla
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Jul 25th, 2016

Betsey Johnson Bag Set #965

Betsey Johnson Bag Set #965

It’s all about the tote…

What’s lime green, white and pink all over and tied up in a bow? A fun, whimsical tote by Betsey Johnson, of course! She is known for her colorful, wild, creative style and this tote delivers that image. I love the look of this tote to finish off a casual, summer outfit consisting of a top and shorts, but it would also look great with a hanky dress or flowing skirt for a dressier occasion.

In this featured set, I have included a pair of white Bermuda shorts (Lands’ End, $39), a bright green, tie collar sleeveless blouse (, $10), and Giorgio Picino embellished, t-strap, flat sandals (, $40). I have added a bright green watch (Macy’, $65), a pair of silver oblong hoop earrings (, $16) and Mango Combi sunglasses, $20. I tend to be rather conservative in my accessories as I want the attention immediately be focused on the tote.

My focal item in this set is the colorful Betsey Johnson tote and I developed the rest of the outfit around this great piece. I love the look of white shorts and wear them often in my daily activities. I know that many women shy away from “white” for a number of reasons (difficult to keep clean, may not compliment your body type), but my thoughts are ” if you like white, wear it”! My secret to constructing an outfit using white shorts is to mix in colorful solids, usually matching the blouse/top with the color of the shoes or other accessories. In the case of this set since I already had a colorful tote, I stuck with solids items, but if the bag you have is a solid color, you can certainly add florals, stripes or dots to your top.

In this set, I started with a colorful tote/bag and all my clothing items were solid colors found in the tote. There are many colorful printed bags that are very versatile and can be worn with many outfits. If your wardrobe consists mostly of solid colors, a colorful tote is the perfect choice to add some color and interest to your outfit

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. Before you go shopping for a new bag and think you might want to venture outside of your comfort zone of solids, take a look at the color schemes of your clothes that you gravitate toward and keep that in mind when you are shopping for that “special bag”.

Colorful Purses Set 973

$158  / $125 / $210
$180  / $34  /  $113
$245 / $145  / $260

            Have fun shopping.

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