It’s raining tabbies and beagles…

By Ms. Walla
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Mar 16th, 2015

umbrellaIt’s raining tabbies and beagles…

                         Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet.  —Roger Miller

I don’t know what kind of weather you have experienced this winter but in Southern Texas we have had a lot of rain; hence the term, “It’s raining cats and dogs” is certainly true for me.  Up until this past year I had lived in San Diego and Northern Nevada for 50+ years and had never lived in a location where rain was such a common occurrence

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.   People here shout “drought” if rain doesn’t fall at least once a week!!

Looking back, as a child living near San Diego, I can only remember one jacket or coat I even owned because the weather was so mild.  We received very little rain and the temperature didn’t vary but 20 degrees throughout most of the year.  When we moved to Northern Nevada in 1991 we lived in the high desert and had several rainy afternoons, particularly in the late afternoons of August.  These thunderstorms, however, would pass through fairly quickly and wouldn’t impact our lives too terribly.  In most cases, you could see the storm coming in and the rain, thunder and lightning would start, but usually within an hour, your life could get to normal and the after effects of the storm might include a few puddles of water and a slight cooler temperature.  Since these storms would hit in the afternoon when the sky was still light, the intensity of the lightning bolts was masked.

Since moving to Texas last year I have now witnessed at least a dozen storms that have incredible effects on the environment and people.  Not only are the majority of thunderstorms during the evening/night hours when the sky is extremely dark and the lightning lights up the entire sky, but the intensity and length of the downpour of rain is unbelievable.  Two nights ago it was one of those nights where the sound of the rain was loud, but the amount of lightning bolts was unimaginable as it looked like a child was flicking the light switch on to off straight for 1 1/2 hours.  There were two or three bangs of thunder so loud and alarming that there’s no way anyone could have slept through the noise!!

raincoatNow if you live where the skies are often filled with dark clouds and receive an abundant amount of downpours, your wardrobe should include some rain weather essentials.  A trench coat or rain coat/slicker is a must to keep you warm and dry.  I own an animal print, belted trench coat that I bought at NY&CO about four years ago that I often wear when it “pours”.   Since a lot of the storms we experience in Texas, even in the winter are on the warm side, a trench coat “fits the bill” as far as giving you a bit of warmth and the protection you might need.  Columbia’s “Pardon my trench rain jacket” is versatile and comes in several solid colors.  This style is above-knee length, hooded, belted, lined, is water and stain repellent and costs around $70 (  Venus carries a darling black with white polka-dot belted, pocketed, flared trench that costs $54 and comes in s-xl sizes (  If I didn’t already have a trench, I would definitely add this one to my closet…it’s sweet!!!  ModCloth has a bright sky blue hooded slicker accented with navy and white, for around $40.  The outer shell is made of a combination of polyester and polyurethane and is machine washable (

A pair of “hunters” or “wellies” rain boots are also a nice addition to your rain gear necessities.  These boots are waterproof plastic that will keep your tootsies dry and come in a variety of colors, styles, prices and found at many stores and on-line. has a wide selection of mid-calf wellies that cost about $60 with free shipping.   These boots come in purple, black, yellow, green, red, as well as other colors.  Ali express is another company which offers wellies for about the same price and their selection includes a variety of colorful and unique rain boots for the “fun”  female who wants to make a fashion statement (  “Ditsy dots”, a black boot with colorful dots, is another fashion choice that be purchased at and for about $40 with free shipping.  Nordstrom’  carries a large selection of Hunters, a taller version of the rain boot, for about $150.  Their inventory of rain boots is incredible and range from ankle, calf, to knee length, as well as solid colors and patterns.  umbrella Photo

An umbrella is also a fashionable accessory that helps keep you dry and “looking good”  during those thunderstorms.  There are several umbrella styles including stick, mini, golf, performance, bubble and foldable, depending upon your personal needs.   Bella Umbrella Shop offers fashionable umbrellas in a variety of colors.  If price is not an issue, this is the place to shop as the selection of these unique and classy umbrellas can’t be beat (   Another choice is ShedRain polka dot in black featuring 16 ribs which should be strong enough to withstand any wind or thunderstorm you may encounter (  Totes is another good source to look into for an umbrella purchase at a reasonable price ($25-50).  I personally like Roller Derby, a multi-color stick umbrella for $32 but Totes offers many styles and colors, one that will fit your needs (

Well, I certainly hope that before that next downfall occurs that you are “fashionably” prepared and you can keep those tabbies and beagles from making their mark on your favorite silk blouse!!

Until next time,


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