Thankful for a “bad weather day”

By Ms. Walla
In The Write Threads
Mar 27th, 2015

Thankful for a “bad weather day”

cup of teaIt’s windy and cold outside, I’ve run my errands for the day, my husband is out of town, and better yet, it’s Sunday afternoon.  Now most of us are disappointed when the weather falls short of our expectations on our day off, but I’m alright with it today.  This past week has been busy and I’m about ten hours short on sleep.   I’m giving myself permission to fill the day with activities I want to do and do them in the manner in which I want!

The first thing I do is to get comfy.  I change out of my jeans and sweater and into my pajamas (yes, I know it’s 2:00, but today there are no rules)!  I turn up the thermostat to the high 60’s, grab a snack, hot tea, my I-pad, the tv remote and recline in my favorite chair.  Life is good!!

As I snuggle into my oversized chair, I slowly peruse through the tv programs and movies that have been recorded.  Do I feel like watching a full-length movie or an hour program?  I decide on an HGTV program and with my I-pad on my lap, I can feel my body start to relax and de-stress.  An hour later, I am waking up from a well-deserved nap.  Ok, now I can get down to business, re-start my program and continue playing on my I-pad without much thought or direction.

Personally, I think it’s important, if you can, to set time aside every week if possible, to “re-charge your batteries”.  For me a nap “fits the bill” and I look forward to my weekend “shut eye” time, but there are other ways to re-boot and relax.  Some might choose to read a book, get out your well-loved red and white checked recipe book and re-acquaint yourself with Betty Crocker, spend time with family (although some of us even need a break from our loved ones occasionally), go shopping by yourself or with a gal pal, while others might want to take a quiet walk alone.

One of my favorite pastimes is playing on my I-pad.  I bought mine as a retirement present to myself and I use it daily; whether I’m on Facebook catching up with my friends’ lives, creating fashion sets on or writing my post for my blog.  I love my I-pad to help me relax and calm down.

I thoroughly enjoy watching HGTV!  I am so impressed by people who have the vision and insight to be able to renovate and remodel a house.  And really, who doesn’t enjoy watching Jonathan and Drew Scott?  Another reason why I enjoy watching this channel is that it doesn’t cause my blood pressure to rise;  the most stress occurs when Hillary, from Love it or List it, has to tell homeowners that the knob and tube wiring needs to be replaced during renovation of their house, and she now doesn’t have enough money to remodel the basement bathroom!!  Some days I’ll have an HGTV marathon and I won’t change the channel all day!

I’ve always enjoyed a cup of hot tea, particularly the ones I used to share with my mom.  On my frequent visits to Southern California, my mom and I would always start our mornings with a cup of hot Lipton tea with a dash of sugar.  On those occasional wet and/or cold afternoons, you could find the two of us sitting in the dining room sipping a cup of hot tea while sharing our most personal thoughts with each other.  While the tea was delicious, it was my mother’s presence and calming words that made those experiences so memorable!!

Well, I start every morning checking the weather so I know what to wear and how to plan my day.  I just hate setting off for the day without some indication or guidance as to what kind of weather I might encounter.  So as I look ahead for the upcoming weekend weather, I smile..

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. Saturday’s forecast…. a nap and remote with a side of hot tea!

Until next time,


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